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Hiya, all! Long time no .... well, long time me no remember that I have this journal ....

Anyway ~!!!

For anyone interested, Cybergal & I (with ALOT of help form the wonderfuk & patient PKLibrarian!) have put together another little Farscape music video thing-y:

Call Me Al

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: loby

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Hola & Happiest of Tuesdays to Us All!!

Click the Pic to see the little bit of insanity that I made to honor ScaperFandom's Don_Vorleone and all the other Jimmy Buffett lovers amongst us!

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Not much going on in my 'creative' life .... sitting around, twiddling my thumbs and crying alot, waiting to have a follow-up mammogram to a screening I had done last month that requires "Additional Imaging to make a diagnosis .... ". My anxiety level, on a scale of 1 to 10, is somewhere around 15 .....

So, in an effort to keep myself calm (or least to curb the constant desire to throw up) I thought I might indulge in something worthwhile :

Sweet Charity

Yes, boys and jirls - come on over to the Sweet Charity site and bid on my services! I'm offering up a Birthday Music Video, personalized for the person of your choice! Get a bit of cool & unique BD fun for someone and help out a worthy cause at the same time!!!

: loby

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Hope everyone who celebrates it had a lovely 4th of July - it started raining here about an hour before the fireworks were to start. All the people who were over to see the fireworks from our front yard crammed into the house, and hung around until 11 or so watching a Kevin Costner western on AMC.

The rain did turn to drizzle just long enough for them to get the rockets up in the air, but by that time the kids were all much more interested in smacking the snot out of each other with their glow stix to give a shit. *sigh*

Anyway -

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Those of you with ties to the Farscape Terra Firma message board may be interested in this - it's Cyberlobster Productions' Camp Terra Firma..... a Scaper Summer Camp! Lots of silliness and fun ... (oh, yeah ~ Kaz is working there as the camp's Recreational Dirctor!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting)

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Hey, I think that Brent Barrett must be right about me - I am totally frigging nuts. I mean .... geesh!! Who in their right mind would put as much time as I have into a silly, cheesy little video like this???

Happy Summer Solstice, Everyone!!!!!

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Hi All!

In honor of the one year anniversary of our 'getting together' (as it were!) and the formation of Cyberlobster Productions, cybergal and I now have our own website: Cyberlobster.com!!! It's chock-full of all the cyber-lobster-y silliness folks have come to expect from us - so pay a visit, huh?

And don't forget :::::::

Scaper Luv ~


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*sigh* I keep forgetting about my little journal here ... I'm such a baaaad person .....

But anyway - how about a Farscape Video?

Dreams ....

A shippy Farscape Video?!?

.... Not that I'll give away which 'ship' it sails with ..... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please, I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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I made a silly little Easter-y video 'starring' my daughter and a couple of her cousins, but my friend cybergal convinced me that it would be a lovely Farscape: Ode to Easter as well ....

So, for anyone interested in having a Hoppy Good Time, right click the pic and select 'Save Target As...' to dowload the little thing:

: loby

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Hola & Happiest of Thursdays to All!!

It has come to my attention that my journal is nowhere near as pretty as some (oh, ok - as MOST!). But damn - I don't have time for the important things anymore, I refuse to allow myself to get drawn into fixing up stuff here. So, sorry for the sterile & industrial feel of the pages.


My son wrecked his pickup night before last. A frigging deer ran in front of him and he swerved to avoid it, hitting a rock covered bank instead. Still waiting on the estimate to see if we should file a claim or just pay for the thing ourselves .... grrrr .....

In a perfect world, there shouldn't be any question!!! We pay the blood-sucking Insurance Company thousands of dollars to 'insure' us against times like this, and yet it's always the same old crap out of them : "Ooooohhhh, you turned in a claim - we had to actually pay a claim - we were forced to do what we promise to all these years we've been taking in your premiums - oooooohhhhhh!! We're gonna haver to charge you out the yin-yang for 5 years now to makeup for it!"

Freaking Ba$tards .......